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Internet of Coins Update #2: Trust, languages and wallets

16 Feb 2017 / CodaSiren


If this is your first e-mail update, you can always read the previous ones at our weblog. And remember: the fundraiser starts March 21st. We send these updates once per week.

 Topic of this week: trust

With Internet of Coins (IoC) we aim to create a trustless environment in which the security of your value transfer is not dependent on the assumption that you are to trust the person on the other side of the network willing to trade. However, the fundraiser, which we are organizing to scale this project, does require trust. And for that, you sometimes may like a third party to review your options. Which is why we are currently under assessment by rating agencies Smith & Crown and ICOrating. Internet of Coins is are already listed at Cyber Fund. Through our cooperation with established escrow partner NLnet, we aim to provide a solid basis for long-term continuity. Their 20-year experience as an organisation supporting open-source initiatives has been a great help. But of course don´t believe just us; perform your own critical assessment. Especially before participating in any crowdfund.

 Development evolution

Our alphatest is almost ready for deployment. Amadeus has worked hard to build the interface for the hardware wallets we are providing to the testers; mainstream users who have asked for a pilot to use cryptocurrencies as a replacement for fiat currency within their community. We have had some requests for a Slack channel, and will set up one to keep in touch with the development community. We usually steer clear of proprietary software, but in this case we´ll make an exception ;-)

 Campaign growth

We are multilingual! A team of community translators joined us from who are now translating all our announcements to Chinese, Dutch, German, French, Greek, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish. Including these e-mail updates, so you can always find one in a language of your choice on the boards. Site translations are in the works, expect to see new language options next week. We will also start recruiting some social media ambassadors.

 Latest publications

Tatiana Moroz from CryptoMediaHub interviewed Joachim on her show about Internet of Coins. It is a very good introduction to what the network has to offer and what technologies we are using. You can view the interview here.

Currently we are also working on the Funding Terms, to make sure they are available for everyone before the fundraiser starts.

 Ways to support

Love the project? You can help out by giving it a *Star* through your Twitter account on Cyber Fund. If you have a suggestion for a blockchain event where we really should be, drop us an email and we´ll try to come by.

Thank you for taking the time to read our updates,
we´ll be in touch again next week!

Yours sincerely,

The team behind Internet of Coins - Amadeus, George, Jelle, Joachim, Marjon, Matthias, Pim, Robert, Sergey and Steffen


Internet of Coins Update #1: What IS Internet of Coins?

07 Feb 2017 / CodaSiren


To our first e-mail update for the Internet of Coins project. In light of our upcoming fundraiser, we would like explain to you what to expect. Because we aim to be transparent in our communication: if you already frequently visit our Bitcointalk forum thread, read our weblog, watch our vlogs, read our opinion pieces and comb through our tweets, you won't miss out on a thing. If you don't, these e-mails will provide a nice packaged bundle of information regarding the progress of the Internet of Coins project and the latest updates regarding the upcoming fundraiser, starting March 21st. We will update you once per week.

 Quick recap: what IS Internet of Coins?

Internet of Coins (IoC) is a platform which allows you to trade digital assets and currencies peer to peer, with an easy to use interface and the opportunity to earn fees from each other by participating in the network. Under the hood, we have been building the client to support the different currency systems for the past two years. The first deliverable is the wallet to control them, arriving this summer. It supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, NXT, Counterparty and LISK out of the box. 

 Development evolution

Next week, we are starting developer vlogs to keep everyone update on the parts under the hood. The biggest update right now is that the LISK chain has been stabilized and interacts properly with the wallet API. Many thanks to LISKs Max Kordek for his support on this. We are in the process of finishing up the alpha to ship it to our test group in the Netherlands. You can find our published code here.

 Campaign growth

Last week we were featured as keynote speakers at the Blockchain Expo London. We'll be uploading the video to our youtube channel. In the meantime, several additional crowdfunding listing sites have contacted us for interviews. Currently, we are listed at Cyber Fund, and expect to be popping up on more places across the web soon. Translations are being set up, so people can view the site and the client in their local language. We welcome Marjon, our new Translation Coordinator for this.

 Latest publications

Joachim recently wrote an article about our foundations philosophy, which gives an impression of our line of thought with the foundation. Fun fact: the guys at Matthias Klees' Federated Blockchain Initiative already made a nice shoutout in their latest animation about EuropeCoin, one of many tokens that will connect to the Internet of Coins.

 Ways to support

Love the project? You can help out by giving it a *Star* through your Twitter account on Cyber Fund. We are setting up bounties for our social media ambassadors as well. More on those next time. 

Thank you for taking the time to read our updates,
we´ll be in touch again next week!

Yours sincerely,

The team behind Internet of Coins - Amadeus, George, Jelle, Joachim, Marjon, Matthias, Pim, Robert, Sergey and Steffen


Reflection on Where We Are Taking Blockchain Finance

02 Feb 2017 / CodaSiren

During the inception of decentralized, blockchain driven ledgers, many developers in the early blockchain scene had a clear vision in mind. Reading through the messages in the forums back in the day it was evident collaborative developments were driven by a personal vision for freedom and change in finance. Not by greed, coercion, or lust for power. Rather, for most crypto enthousiasts, it was as if all shared an unwritten conviction, or invisible manifesto. It held a common dream to unite for a better financial world. A future in which not just money, but benevolence, brotherhood and kindness would play the headlines. 

However, as the characteristics of money and what it ethically entangles entered the play, it did not take long for those early passionate minds full of ideals to succumb to the promises, expectancies and enticements of wealth. Venture capitalist money started flowing, with projects being funded based on their face-value merits. The young cryptocurrency markets started making wild swings in which the intelligence of but a few could fleece the masses of their small stashes of blockchain-stored value.

Throughout these changes the kindred spirits were not entirely erased from the scene, but their once vibrant voices were now largely being drowned out by corporate and political sweeps for competitive power. They hammered down solid pillars in this pristine land of ideology, upon which sharp, perceptive vultures can perch to lay claim to their next spoil.

The prospect of a blade-runner style world becomes more realistic, as now also governmental organizations are closing in on the blockchain phenomena, aiming for a tight grip of regulation and control. Beyond the view of the technical developer enthousiasts, they forge the iron gears of our destination with systematic diligence.

Perhaps taking some time for reflection would be prudent. Where do we want the blockchain industry to go from here? How are we going to help out through positive action? What ideals have we given up in this theatrical game with all its loud players? Which ashes have we gained for trees, and how may we identify the ramifications of our developmental actions for the future of not only our personal finance, but also the future of other people? The growing Internet of Value scene is a place to tread boldly, yet also carefully, because what we do doesn't only concern ourselves. If we don't develop and do business with open eyes and open hearts, the world of money and value will see yet another uninspiring era full of Groundhog Days.

So where are our manifesto's and convictions now? It is my hope we may find the strength and dedication in this to work together for freedom and positive change. Collaborating with eachother instead of merely competing. Guarding ourselves against corruption. To break barriers in finance to the advantage of all, and not just a few, making our daily lives and actions more benevolent and our Internet a better place to be.

2017: The Internet of Coins goes online

31 Dec 2016 / CodaSiren

As we are exiting 2016, we are very thankful to all the people and organizations who have supported the Internet of Coins project this year. We have a few announcements, and we´ll make them. Next weeks in 2017!

For now, we wish everyone a wonderful New Year´s Eve and... you may want to keep tabs on the Radar ;)

Greetings from Joachim, Amadeus, Jelle, Steffen, Sergey and Robert

Internet of Coins participates in Peer Shared Mesh technology

11 Apr 2016 / CodaSiren

The Internet of Coins project is proud to announce a joint cooperation effort between programmer Aymeric Vitte and the development team of Internet of Coins. After a technical review of the latest developments in distributed networking technologies, the Peer Shared Mesh technology pioneered by Vitte came out as the foremost candidate and his protocol specifications are seen as an excellent basis for implementing our own network topology. In this way, Vitte's ground-breaking work on distributed network technology will be extended and implemented into the cryptosphere.

Internet of Coins developer Amadeus de Koning explains: "The partnership with Vitte is an important step in realising the ambitious goal that Internet of Coins has set for itself, which is to unite cryptocurrencies in a fluid exchange network, without reliance on trusted third parties, such as exchanges, that at present form key points of failure in the crypto ecosystem. We believe exchanges have validity as cryptocurrency marketplaces, but as stores of wealth they have quite a poor track record. Therefore we see a need for supplemental mechanisms of exchange that are less vulnerable to trust issues, yet able to cross the boundaries between various blockchains."

Aymeric Vitte, lead developer of the Peer Shared Mesh (peersm) technology and CTO at NAÏS, comments: "I am happy to see the adoption of the peersm technology in a cryptocurrency application. This will form another example of a field in which the reliable and open standards of peersm can be applied. We will be working together with the Internet of Coins to integrate, modularise and further develop the peersm technology stack."

Peer Shared Mesh technology incorporates and builds on current best practices concerning peer based network architectures, that have proven their effectivity both in industrial applications and on the internet in general. Among these are the Tor technology developed by both the United States Navy and non-governmental actors, as well as Torrent network protocols, originally developed by Bram Cohen. Torrent traffic powers up to one third of the internet as a whole, as such it is a proven highly effective, robust and reliable technology, making it an obvious choice as part of the network architecture for Internet of Coins. However, Peer Shared Mesh technology expands these horizons considerably, offering effective improvements over existing practices, specifically in minimizing client-side requirements.

"Peer Shared Mesh technology is revolutionary in its approach, in that it delivers maximum portability and power of peer-based networking for an amazing array of devices, allowing flexible delivery of our services to clients in most divergent circumstances. Since the focus of Internet of Coins is truly global, the ability to deliver to clients in less than ideally networked situations is of the essence, especially in emerging markets and developing nations" remarks Robert de Groot, head of marketing operations.

Internet of Coins will build on the peer to peer technologies that Peer Shared Mesh technology offers, while supplementing them with protocols to offer users full integration of key cryptosphere components, allowing them to easily arrange payments, buy things online and exchange between different digital value systems as their situation demands.

Joachim de Koning, lead developer for the Internet of Coins states: "A peer-to-peer, modular and consolidated design is our objective for Internet of Coins. The implementation of the Peer Shared Mesh technology we are testing proves that it is a solid contender to form the networking layer between IoC nodes. We are enthousiastic to see Vitte's work on a groundbreaking communications protocol and are pleased to announce that we will be integrating it into the Internet of Coins."

For more information about Peer Shared Mesh technology, visit

To read about the Internet of Coins project, visit

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