Pizza Day Development Update

22 May 2015 / CodaSiren

Pizza day is upon us! It has been a while since our last update. In the meantime we have seen a strong decline of the Bitcoin price, mining organisations going bust, and other initiatives consolidating their efforts to stay relevant in the cryptosphere. Also there is good news when looking at the adoption of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency concepts by businesses in general.

Meanwhile, we have been working on building hybridd, the client/server node for IoC. The skeleton of the node has been written and is now in alpha-testing. It is a modular construction that makes it possible to tie in any kind of value-related functionality. We have created some proof-of-concept modules to start filling in the blanks.

hybridd starting in terminal

The daemon currently starts via an init and starts the main processing engine. After that the modules are fired up. They subsequently start processes that give data results which are made available to the system and via the standard REST API of the node. Terminal screenshots show how this looks. These are some of the modules that have been created:
- altcoin This module supports any Bitcoin-derived cryptocurrency, as well as Bitcoin itself. It connects directly to a cryptocurrency node, and makes available standard instructions to be able to control a wallet.
- counterparty This module ties into Counterparty on the RPC and block level, and makes it possible to control its wallet, assets and symbol functions, It can also connect to any Counterparty based spinoff crypto-systems.
- nxtplatform As its name suggests, this module supports the NXT based crypto-platforms, its asset system and messaging. Still a work in progress, and by no means feature complete.
We are continuing our work on the skeleton system until it enters beta phase. From there we will start working together with other developers to solidify the structure of hybridd, and to encourage further open development. If you would like to take part in this process as soon as we go beta let us know!



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