Internet of Coins participates in Peer Shared Mesh technology

11 Apr 2016 / CodaSiren

The Internet of Coins project is proud to announce a joint cooperation effort between programmer Aymeric Vitte and the development team of Internet of Coins. After a technical review of the latest developments in distributed networking technologies, the Peer Shared Mesh technology pioneered by Vitte came out as the foremost candidate and his protocol specifications are seen as an excellent basis for implementing our own network topology. In this way, Vitte's ground-breaking work on distributed network technology will be extended and implemented into the cryptosphere.

Internet of Coins developer Amadeus de Koning explains: "The partnership with Vitte is an important step in realising the ambitious goal that Internet of Coins has set for itself, which is to unite cryptocurrencies in a fluid exchange network, without reliance on trusted third parties, such as exchanges, that at present form key points of failure in the crypto ecosystem. We believe exchanges have validity as cryptocurrency marketplaces, but as stores of wealth they have quite a poor track record. Therefore we see a need for supplemental mechanisms of exchange that are less vulnerable to trust issues, yet able to cross the boundaries between various blockchains."

Aymeric Vitte, lead developer of the Peer Shared Mesh (peersm) technology and CTO at NAÏS, comments: "I am happy to see the adoption of the peersm technology in a cryptocurrency application. This will form another example of a field in which the reliable and open standards of peersm can be applied. We will be working together with the Internet of Coins to integrate, modularise and further develop the peersm technology stack."

Peer Shared Mesh technology incorporates and builds on current best practices concerning peer based network architectures, that have proven their effectivity both in industrial applications and on the internet in general. Among these are the Tor technology developed by both the United States Navy and non-governmental actors, as well as Torrent network protocols, originally developed by Bram Cohen. Torrent traffic powers up to one third of the internet as a whole, as such it is a proven highly effective, robust and reliable technology, making it an obvious choice as part of the network architecture for Internet of Coins. However, Peer Shared Mesh technology expands these horizons considerably, offering effective improvements over existing practices, specifically in minimizing client-side requirements.

"Peer Shared Mesh technology is revolutionary in its approach, in that it delivers maximum portability and power of peer-based networking for an amazing array of devices, allowing flexible delivery of our services to clients in most divergent circumstances. Since the focus of Internet of Coins is truly global, the ability to deliver to clients in less than ideally networked situations is of the essence, especially in emerging markets and developing nations" remarks Robert de Groot, head of marketing operations.

Internet of Coins will build on the peer to peer technologies that Peer Shared Mesh technology offers, while supplementing them with protocols to offer users full integration of key cryptosphere components, allowing them to easily arrange payments, buy things online and exchange between different digital value systems as their situation demands.

Joachim de Koning, lead developer for the Internet of Coins states: "A peer-to-peer, modular and consolidated design is our objective for Internet of Coins. The implementation of the Peer Shared Mesh technology we are testing proves that it is a solid contender to form the networking layer between IoC nodes. We are enthousiastic to see Vitte's work on a groundbreaking communications protocol and are pleased to announce that we will be integrating it into the Internet of Coins."

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