Internet of Coins Update #25: Enabling progress for our developers

21 Aug 2017 / CodaSiren

Developments underway

To enable more efficient development of deterministic crypto-functions we are developing a command-line client. This is also vital for those people who need to access blockchain technologies in places with extremely low bandwidth, as the communication between the command-line client and hybrid nodes is much less resource consuming than the web interface (which is already the most efficient in its class). Others in our team have been working on the transport mechanisms, so that both command-line and web clients can exchange information decentralised with nodes and these can share datagrams amongst themselves in a secure and tamper-proof manner, without having to depend on untrusted or centralised third parties, such as certification authorities.

Token status

A third party that had initially shown initiative to launch the hybrid tokens used within the Internet of Coins on a centralised exchange has stopped communicating with us. We assume for now that their technicians will need more time than they anticipated and hope they will contact us again when they make progress. On the bright side, we observe that the tokens of individual chains are becoming available on the decentralized exchanges. Of course, we will inform you when markets establish themselves. In the meantime, we focus on implementing the infrastructure and network support for decentralised multiple-token interchange.



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